Top 5 Highest Paid Real Madrid Players In 2022

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Real Madrid's wage bill at the start of the 2021 season was at least €5,931,500, or close to 6 million euros per week. That translates to a yearly wage bill of €308,438,000, or close to 309 millions euros per year Tap to read the salaries of the top five highest paid Real Madrid players in the 2021-22 seasion

Karim Benzema

325,000 euros per week

16.9 Mil euros per year

toni kroos

350,000 euros per week

18.2 Mil euros per year

david alaba

425,000 euros per week

22.1 Mil euros per year

eden hazard

450,000 euros per week

23.4 Mil euros per year

gareth bale

625,000 euros per week

32.5 Mil euros per year

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